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Contents of
Lie Algebroids,
Banach Center Publications,
Volume 54
[International Workshop at Banach Center, Warsaw, Poland, June 12-18, 2000]

[Lie Algebroids and Related Topics in Differential Geometry]
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  The purpose of the workshop is to bring together mathematicians currently working on Lie algebroid structures and their applications. The organizers hope that the workshop will bring a survey of various ideas and methods exploited in connection with Lie algebroids. Every participant is expected to deliver a talk about topics of her or his actual research.

  The main subjects which will be discussed during the workshop: 

  • Lie algebroids as they appear in differential geometry (principal bundles, vector bundles, TC-foliations, Poisson manifolds, etc)
  • Lie algebroids, related structures and methods
  • Foliations, characteristic classes
  • Filippov algebroids and other generalizations
  • Lie bialgebroids and double Lie algebroids
  • Lie pseudoalgebras (Lie-Rinehart algebras), Poisson algebras, etc
  • Jet bundles

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